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What do we do?

MaintainIT provides the broad range of Plant Maintenance Services required to properly maintain industrial facilities and plants. Our services allow the customer to benefit from maintenance management and technical expertise, gain instant cost control, and flex appropriately with varying backlogs. We serve the Southeast US, with most projects residing in North and South Carolina.
  • Total and Supplemental Facility and Plant Maintenance Contracts
  • Recruiting and Placement of Technical personnel
  • Pre-Startup Maintenance Services
  • Work Scope & Specification Development
  • Electrical & Mechanical On-Site Project Management
  • Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, and CMMS Support
  • Plant Maintenance, Assessments, and Performance Improvement Services
  • Plant Equipment Reliability Programs and Failure Analysis Support
  • Predictive Maintenance Diagnostic Services and Rotating Equipment Repair Services
  • Technical Skill-Set Training and Needs Analysis
  • Ongoing Capital Projects Support
  • Supplemental Staffing
  • Maintenance Management
  • Janitorial Services
  • Building Management
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Reliability Testing
Plant Maintenance Improvement Services


To achieve step-change improvement, MaintainIT has developed four specific programs:




Comprehensive assessment to understand a client's needs, evaluate and baseline the current state of a client's maintenance practices and performance. This information is then used to identify opportunities for improvements, define values of those improvements, and recommend actions required to achieve their goals.




Incorporates the assessment findings and recommendations in the form of a Master Plan for Improvement. This plan includes a schedule of activities, resources, and critical paths required to achieve the identified improvement opportunities, with a

cost-justified business case and estimated cash flow schedule.




The management and implementation of the Master Plan which involves maintenance efforts outside of day-to-day operations such as equipment restoration, maintenance management software implementation, equipment hierarchy, PM programs, critical spare parts, stores improvement, training, organization, etc.




The implementation of continuous improvement through: a) assisting your maintenance force by conducting audits, master planning, and supplemental, technical, or craft services, or b) by taking full responsibility through outsourcing maintenance management and execution. By assuming control of the maintenance program, we become a partner to your production team, providing a perpetual and measurable performance improvement program.

Total Maintenance


We can provide the full maintenance operation of a customer's plant or facility. In this role, we function as the customer's maintenance department: maintenance management, mechanics and technicians, technical and administrative functions, maintenance control programs and systems, stores and spares programs, utility operations, training, etc.


Our objective is to reduce customers' bottom-line. We achieve this by maintaining the facility or plant at a lower cost, improving uptime and product quality, and providing greater service flexibility than the customer can attain using in-house maintenance staff and programs.

Supplemental Maintenance


We can provide a workforce and support staff to supplement the customer's in-house maintenance and capital projects resources. This service allows customers to maintain optimum skills and number of own personnel while using our team to provide supplemental personnel during normal and peak workload periods.


The flexibility of this service allows the customer to better manage its own in-house work force levels and avoid expensive, forced reductions or increases. Cost effectiveness is achieved by dealing with one primary contractor who has the required skills on board when needed.

Site Services Management & Support

As a natural extension to an ongoing maintenance contract, we can provide a full spectrum of services that support production and facility services to ensure the most cost effective operations. These services range over a broad area and may be

self-performed by us or subcontracted and managed by our team:


  • Water/Wastewater Systems O&M
  • Utility O&M (including boilers and chillers)
  • Storeroom & Inventory Management
  • Production Operations Assistance
  • Roof Repair & Maintenance
  • Scale Calibration & Maintenance
  • Cranes & Elevator Maintenance
  • Electrical (High & Low Voltage) Maintenance
  • Lighting (Internal & External)
  • Technical Writing
  • Painting & Sandblasting
  • HVAC Maintenance & Installation
  • Building Control Systems
  • Cooling Air & Filtration Systems
  • Railroad Repair & Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance
  • Janitorial & Custodial
  • Site Security
  • Special Programs Management
  • Lubrication Improvements & Training
Pre-Startup Maintenance


We can provide the planning, design, commissioning, and implementation of a complete project. We also provide maintenance procedures development, critical spare parts ready to initiate, and support reliable operations at plant start-up.

Maintenance Technology

We provide the following technologies and related services:


  • Repair Management Programs
  • On-Site Motor Maintenance & Testing
  • Infrared Testing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Ultrasonic Emission Testing
  • On-Site Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Switchgear Maintenance
CMMS Consulting Services


We can provide complete implementation of a CMMS:


  • Front-end Needs Analysis - an onsite review of existing organization and work processes. This is followed by a CMMS recommendation, implementation scenarios, and a high-level project plan.

  • Installation & Implementation - full range of project management and technical services required to install and implement a CMMS.

  • CMMS Improvement Services - comprehensive onsite evaluation of a failed or stalled CMMS implementation. This is followed by a CMMS Improvement Plan to justify the re-implementation of part or all of the CMMS.

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