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Who Have We Helped?

Our team has worked with a number of clients to provide cost-saving maintenance solutions for plants and facilities. We believe in establishing long-lasting client relationships that deliver bottom-line, year-over-year savings to client companies.

  • Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc.
  • ACE Bakery, LLC
  • AFL Telecommunications LLC
  • AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
  • Augusta National Golf Club
  • Benteler Automotive Corporation
  • Bose Corporation
  • Cognis Corporation BASF
  • Chemtrade
  • BASF
  • Talley Metals Technology, Inc.
  • Griffin Thermal Products, Inc.
  • Greenwood Sandwich Company
  • Stamper Facility Management
  • Ingersoll Rand Company
  • Kaydon Corporation
  • Kapstone Paper
  • Lee and Associates
  • Merial Limited
  • MerMet
  • Mitsubishi Polyester Film
  • Mack Molding
  • The Timken Company
  • Thompson Dayton Steel Service
Custom Process Improvement Approach Yields Client's Success

In mid-2008, we were tasked by one of our key clients to help improve a critical plant process. The chemical processing facility had recently installed a unique, automated production line that included mixing, formation, and automated robotic packaging and handling. Like many industries with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines, this facility was forced to commission the new line in advance of the development of complete operating parameters, maintenance routines, and operator training. Although the facility was making progress and treading water in this "Sink-or-Swim" situation, uptime, throughput, and product quality were less than acceptable. Since this process was so new and unfamiliar to their current workforce, facility management approached us for help improving this process.


MaintainIT Engineering worked directly with the client to develop an improvement strategy to meet the production challenges for the process. Optimization, standardization, documentation, and training were key aspects of the improvement goals. It was determined that a skill set not currently available in the internal operator pool would be required to lead the improvement. We were able to provide an experienced maintenance technician with an automated production background to run the process in the role of a lead operator. With his maintenance background, the technician quickly mastered the new process. Within just a few months, the team had identified opportunities and implemented improvements, developed standard set-up parameters and operating procedures, mentored and trained newer operators, and began maintaining the equipment using 5S techniques.


After just 8 months of operating with the new strategies, the automated line achieved and sustained a 70% increase in productivity. The baseline downtime level of 15-20% was all but eliminated, and the overall cost to operate and maintain the line was significantly reduced. These results are attributed to our proactive approach and leadership, along with the collaborative efforts and cooperation of the client's team members.

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